Website navigation and basics

Website account set up and access

An account can be created by visiting and entering required information. The following information is requested at the time of registration: username, email address, salutation, first name, middle name, last name, job title, affiliation, about,mailing list subscription, and security question. Once accounts are created, users can login to provide additional information. Account verification can take up to 24-48 hours.

All registered users have a user dashboard which can be accessed after logging in by clicking on your username at the top right or by typing /user at the end of the site’s URL i.e. Once you’ve accessed the login page, you can log in with your account information. We suggest bookmarking the page for quick access. The user dashboard will contain the name, photo and biography of the user. It will also contain all the IPBES roles assigned to the user, groups, form submissions and Policy Support content created by the user.

Getting your login information

For your account details, you may receive an automated email with a link and further instructions for login or simply be contacted directly by the person managing your site. Once you receive your account information, you can access the site, log in, and begin setting up your profile. Access the site and log in/log out Get to the IPBES site and log in by either typing the URL in the web address bar or following this link: Enter your username and password and click login If you don’t remember or can’t find your password you can get a new password by clicking the Request new password button.

Setting up your profile


  1. Go to login

  2. Go to create new account and fill the registration form

  3. Submit the form by clicking on 'create new account'

View and update profile

Click on login, add username and password then click Log in.

Once logged in, you’ll see your most recent content, your profile details, and your profile image.

  • Account: You can change the details of your account including: Your Username. The email address linked to your account and how you will be contacted. Your password (you can also request a new password if you’ve lost or forgotten it). Additional information about you in the About section and your timezone. Your profile image. You can also see which Groups you belong to and delete your account by clicking the Cancel account button.

  • Workbench:

  • Folder:

  • Events and meeting:

  • Applications forms:

  • Application reviews

When you’re done adding and editing content on the site, you’ll want to make sure you log out to avoid security risks. You can log out from anywhere on the site by using either of the buttons shown in the picture below. Once you log out, you’ll be taken back to the Home page of the site.

Mailing list subscription